Please use the form below to contact me regarding all sponsorship, advertising, tips, hints, countries updates, your roadtrip tales/blogs and feedback. Alternatively email me at Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to respond to individual questions on driving abroad. The site receives over 1000 visitors every day and the sheer weight of emails, coupled with the fact that I run the site in my spare time and have a full time job, was becoming unworkable. Please accept my apologies for that.

The information on comes from a variety of sources,and was mainly researched in 2011/12. I endeavour to keep the site as accurate and up to date as possible. Dealing as it does with travel in a rapidly changing world, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of all the info, all the time. The site should therefore be used in conjunction with other travel resources to help plan your driving abroad trip, rather than relying solely on my information.

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