Algeria Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Algeria

There is a high risk of terrorism and kidnap of foreigners in Algeria. The UK Foreign Office website should be consulted before you consider self driving in Algeria. FCO advice on driving is -If you want to drive a car you will need to obtain a local permit. Do not use public transport other than taxis recommended by your hotel. Overland travel outside major cities should be avoided at night, as buses and other vehicles have been attacked, sometimes at illegal vehicle checkpoints. It is advisable to travel in a convoy of at least two to three vehicles. Sustained small-scale attacks, including bombings, illegal roadblocks and kidnapping occur in many rural parts of the country.


Algeria Car Rental
Hertz are the only big rental company operating in Algeria.Sixt feature the country on their website but it doesn’t seem to allow you to make a reservation. Algeria also features on Car Rental broker sites such as Argus Car Hire.

This is a company in Algiers who can arrange rental cars-

This is another local option

This is a local company based in Bejaia

This is a local broker site-


Algeria Self Driving Rules

Minimum age for renting is 25. Cars can’t be taken out of Algeria.


Rooms :


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