Guinea-Bissau Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Guinea-Bissau
If you manage to locate someone who will rent you a vehicle you should check your Governments website for advice on travel within Bissau before driving abroad here.There is no consistent public electricity in the capital, so you should avoid driving after dark. Since there are mines scattered in several areas throughout Guinea-Bissau, including the Bafata, Oio, Biombo, Quinara, and Tombali regions you should take extreme car not to deviate from official roads. Road conditions are never good but will be particularly bad in the rainy season of June to October- you should check local conditions before driving out of town. Avoid travel near to Casamance region where separatist activity makes driving without a guard and /or security risky.

Guinea-Bissau Car Rental-
None of the big companies have an office in Bissau and this is the only local company I located who can arrange car rental –
They quoted me the following prices in Aug 2011 so car rental is certainly not cheap in Bissau -4X4 vehicle: EUR 145.00 per day excluding fuel, normal car: EUR 110.00 per day excluding fuel


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