Malawi Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Malawi
EU photo licences are acceptable for Malawi for visits up to 90 days. Main roads are usually in good condition but secondary routes will deteriorate in the rainy season between Nov and April and will probably only be driveable with a 4X4 at that time. You should avoid driving at night as there are likely to be various hazards such as wandering animals and unlit vehicles. Police road blocks are common but problems such as bribe extraction are less common than in other African countries and providing you have the correct documents you should be able to pass quickly. Malawi suffers from fuel shortages occasionally and if this happens there will be large queues at petrol stations. The rental company will advise you is this is the case when you visit.

Malawi Car Rental –
Avis has branches in Lilongwe and Blantyre.
Also, these are local companies offering self drive

This company offer safari self drive in Malawi in 4WD vehicles with roof tents-

Malawi Self Drive Rules-
As is usual with Avis I was unable to find specific details on whether cars can be driven outside Malawi. SS Rent a car allow cross border rental though they don’t specify to which countries.


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