Uganda Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Uganda
You can drive on the licence of most countries for up to 3 months after which time you need an International Driving Permit, though some websites make reference to getting your licence endorsed by the Uganda Road Traffic authority before you can rent a car- I’d advise to check this with the rental company. Uganda drives on the left hand side of the road. Main roads in and around Cities are usually in good condition but can be congested. Minor and rural roads will generally be in a worse condition but are usually passable without a 4WD in good weather. Travelling on the roads in Uganda can be hazardous, particularly outside the main cities. Driving standards are poor, vehicles are often poorly maintained and the accident rate is high. Other road users may be driving without lights and livestock roam across the roads. The Jinja – Kampala and the Kampala – Masaka roads are particular accident black spots.Many accidents involve matatus (minibus taxis), boda-bodas (motorbike taxis), buses and trucks which are often overloaded. You should drive with caution at all times and avoid driving at night. There may be restrictions on travel warnings in force for certain parts of Uganda and you should check your Goverments website before driving abroad in Uganda .

Uganda Car Rental -
Hertz and Europcar have branches in Kampala

This company offer self drive -

This company offer self drive safaris in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania -

This company offer self drive safari in Range Rover vehicles -

This company’s website mentions hiring cars with a driver but I believe they also arrange self drive.

Uganda Self Drive Rules
It should be possible to take the car into neighbouring countries if you rent from one of the big firms. Hertz say you must have prior agreement to do this.


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