Ultimate Roadtrip -COMPETITION


Your Ultimate Roadtrip -COMPETITION

For many people, a roadtrip is the ultimate travel dream. From journeys which become years long odysseys,taking in multiple countries or continents, to a day long drive along a specific route- getting behind the wheel, navigating yourself and negotiating whatever the road, and fate, throw at you is a uniquely satisfying experience.

Travel by road gives you an opportunity to really get under the skin of the region you’re travelling in. To take in the surroundings, observe the day to day goings on, and interact with the locals. Crossing a country by road gives you an understanding of that nation and its people that air travel can never match .

Roadtrips can range from carefully planned expeditions, to ‘make it up as you go’ journeys, or participation in crazy cross-country endurance races such as the Rickshaw Rally or the Trans Sahara Run.

The common denominator for all types of roadtrip is that the journey becomes more than a means of getting from A to B. As the DriverAbroad tag line says, a roadtrip turns a journey into an adventure. The memories of the actual travel between locations on a great roadtrip, often outweigh the places you visit en route!

DriverAbroad provides first hand accounts of great journeys in ‘Roadtrip Tales’ and some inspiration for future trips in ‘Classic Roadtrips’.

We’d also like you to tell us about your dream roadtrip- If money and time were no object, where in the world would you love to drive? What vehicle would you do the drive in? Why would this journey be so special?

The best entry we get will receive a free digital copy of Hit The Road, a film by Ric Gazarian, covering his own dream roadtrip, across India from Mumbai to Chennai, by Rickshaw. I’ll also add the best entries to DriverAbroad.com.

To enter, send details of your dream roadtrip to Contact@driverabroad.com, or use the comments box below. Contest closes on 31 January 2014.



  1. Dan

    The ultimate road trip….London to Capetown would be amazing and challenging! The road less traveled.

  2. Stu Kennedy

    I’ve always dreamt of driving the old hippy trail across Europe, via Istanbul, the pudding shop etc and East to India. (Pakistand and Kabul now offlimits unfortunately) Got to be driven in a 60′s campervan sprayed with peace symbols!

  3. Lisa Mahon

    I’d love to tour the Scottish Islands in a campervan, using the ferry network. Would have to be in the Summer -I used to go as a child and loved the deserted beaches. One day I’d like to take my own kids there on an extended break!

  4. erik

    My ultimate roadtrip would be from Brisbane, AUS to Hamburg, GER. I would cruise around north Australia, Ship the car to Singapore, drive through SE Asia cross the Himalaya up to the Caspian Sea and head to the Alps via Istanbul. After arriving in Italy, I would cross the alps towards Munich and head back home to Hamburg. My car would be a Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 with a nice rooftop tent. Propably takes 2 years and too much money.

  5. Per Lindberg

    My ultimate roadtrip is also the ultimate drive of all- from the very top of Europe, in Northern Norway, all the way to to the Southern tip of the Africa continent. I would make the trip in a 4×4 Campervan, and would take the time to complete it slowly -maybe 3 years trip in all!

  6. Kendal Moore

    My dream roadtrip would be to travel the length of the Pan American highway from Alaska down to Tierra Del Fuego. I would love to do the ride on a Harley Davidson and sleep under the stars with a bedroll but as that may get cold, I’d probably go for a campervan journey!

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